Carmel Anthem

Carmel Anthem

Beacon of ‘love’ beacon of ‘light’
Mary Carmel’s star…
We come in love to honour you.
Mother, we are your children. (2)

Queen of Carmel, beauty and splendour
She stands proud before God.
We come and sing with Mother of Carmel.
To God Almighty we thank.

Give ‘light' and everyone will ‘love’ one another.
And trust in your God.
With love and faith. (2)

And say yes to the Lord….
Yes to the Lord….(2)


O God, most loving father we adore you and praise you for your constant love and your
loving presence. We thank you for this beautiful morning for your divine providence and
for your healing touch. Bless us O Lord, at the beginning of this day with your wisdom
and understanding so that we may do, what is most pleasing to you. Enlighten our
minds with your light. Guide us with your spirit to learn and to grow in knowledge. Bless
our country, our parents, our teachers and everyone who comes in contact with us. So
that we may reflect your light and your love in our lives. Amen