Additional Skill Acquisition Programme


ASAP -Additional Skill Acquisition Programme is an initiative of the Government of Kerala envisioned for equipping the student community with the requisite skills to meet the demands and challenges of the century. The objective for this ambitious programme is to effectually tackle the issue of growing unemployment in the state. Institutions partaking in this project shall be extending ample resources for skill development and industry relevant training in particular skills in Communication, IT and selected areas of industry and service sectors. From its inception in 2012, ASAP has been able to impress commendable impact through actualizing its vision to enable the youth of the State and implementing national qualification framework. ASAP conducts regular “Training of Trainers” programmes to ensure the upskilling of faculty and thereby the students with futuristic and advanced skill sets and mind set required for the changing times. The select students of each institutions- 30 per 2 batches- undergoes 300 hours of skill training of which 180 hours comprises of the foundation module related to communication and IT skills and remaining 120 hours comprises of the module related to the skill sector chosen by the student. The training provided by qualified and competent professionals will prepare the students with the aptitude, skills and competencies required to be globally competitive and resourceful.


Designation Name
Co-ordinator Ms. Brighty Robert
Associate Staff Ms. Nivedya A U
Ms. Hima Mohan
Ms. Jasmi Babu
Ms. Annliya Shaijan