PG Programmes

PG Programmes

Post Graduate programme shall include three types of courses: Core courses, Elective courses and Audit Courses.

Core course

Core course means a compulsory course in a subject related to a particular PG Programme, which shall be successfully completed by a student to receive the degree. Comprehensive Viva-voce and Project Work /Dissertation shall be treated as Core Courses. Project Work is mandatory for all regular programmes and Comprehensive Viva-voce is optional and these shall be done in the end semester. Total credit for the programme shall be 80 (eighty), except for MSW Programme.

Elective course

Elective course means a course, which can be substituted, by equivalent course from the same subject and a minimum number of courses are required to complete the programme.Elective courses shall be spread over either in the Third & Fourth Semesters combined or in any one of these Semesters (III / IV) only subject to the stipulations of the BoS concerned.

Audit Courses

In addition to the above courses there will be two Audit Courses (Ability Enhancement Course & Professional Competency Course) with 4 credits each. These have to be done one each in the first two semesters. The credits will not be counted for evaluating the overall SGPA & CGPA. The colleges shall conduct examination for these courses and have to intimate/upload the results of the same to the University on the stipulated date during the III semester. Students have to obtain only minimum pass requirements in the Audit Courses. The details of Audit Courses are given below.