Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message


Dr. Sr. Kochuthressia K P
Principal - Carmel College

“All for the greater glory of God.”
The abundance of blessings from above has always elevated Carmel college to new milestones at every juncture of her continual successful journey. In this academic year 2023-2024, Carmel, with her status of Autonomy, is paving new exceptional dimensions in the field of education. The college welcomes back the students with great zest after their summer vacation. Each member of the college works together relentlessly to mould the students to build a future, which looks hopeful and accomplished.

The upcoming college year brings all of the excitement of new beginnings, new experiences and new opportunities to learn and grow. This year we will focus on strengthening academic excellence through an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning, raising rigor in the classroom through student engagement, continue to build on our social emotional intelligence through restorative practice rather than punitive consequences to promote positive college climate and create a genuine dialogue between the staff, students and parents.

As I am entrusted with the new responsibility to lead this institution, I am humbled and grateful to perform my duties with utmost dedication and sincerity. I also take a moment to remember the past administrators of the college for having set exemplary benchmarks. This year the college will focus on reinforcing the objective of achieving academic excellence by uplifting and empowering women.

Carmel college strives to impart interdisciplinary and holistic approaches toward education with the incorporation of the latest technological innovations that the college can afford to enrich the young minds. The college, imbibing the vision and mission of the founding members, endeavours for a positive teaching-learning environment with a blend of co-curricular and extracurricular activities aiming at a wholeness of life. Moreover, Carmel hosts a team of excellent faculty, both teaching and non-teaching, who work ceaselessly to guide the student community of the Carmel family to transform their lives, rectifying their mistakes. All the stakeholders of the college, including the management, teachers, non-teaching staff, alumni and parents toil together as a team for the better of the students. The college is deeply committed to provide a plethora of opportunities to the students, transcending their aspirations, and to help them excel in the competent world.

May I invoke the endless blessings of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.