Procedures and Policies

Procedures and Policies for Maintaining and Utilizing Academic and Facilities


The College ensures optimal allocation and utilization of the available financial resources for maintenance and upkeep of physical, academic and support facilities by holding regular meetings of various committees constituted for this purpose. A certain amount of budget is allocated every year for the regular maintenance and periodic replenishment of essential facilities. The requirement for repair/maintenance/ /facilities is reported by the concerned Department to the Bursar. A maintenance register is kept in office for this purpose. And the academic requirements of repairs and maintenance are resolved within a set time frame.

We ensure the regular maintenance and repairing of equipments with the help of a mechanic, computer assistant and technical assistant. Outsourcing is also done for maintenance and repairing of IT infrastructure such as computers, internet facilities including Wi-Fi and broadband. Adequate supporting staff is employed to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the campus. Regular cleaning of classrooms, departments, washrooms and water tanks, proper garbage disposal, landscaping and maintenance of garden is done by them.


To avail and utilize physical facility/infrastructure like seminar halls, auditorium, video conference hall, the concerned Department needs to fill and submit a pre-event registration form to the office, which is verified and approved by the principal. Students and faculty from neighboring institutions too can avail the facilities at the institution with prior sanction.


The requirement and list of books is taken from the concerned departments and HoDs. The finalized list of required books is duly approved and signed by the Principal. The list is forwarded to the Librarian who forwards it to the Purchase Committee. Library is open from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm and the facilities can be utilized by all Staff and Students. To ensure return of books, ‘no dues’ from the library is mandatory for students before appearing in exam. The Library Advisory Committee works regularly to oversee the functioning of the library and coordinates well to get maximum exposure and participation of the students to avail all the facilities provided by the library. Library facilities are extended to public with a registration fee. The College Librarian is responsible for the functioning of the library.


Lab instructors in Science Departments maintain the stock register by physically verifying the items round the year. The equipment and machineries in the laboratory are maintained by the lab in-charge(s) and supervised by HODs of the concerned departments. Log Registers are also maintained in every lab.


The College has a Building Committee for maintenance and upkeep of infrastructure. At the departmental level, HoDs submit their requirements to the Principal regarding classroom furniture and other. The principal collectively processes the requirements with the help of Purchase Committee in every vacation so as to keep things ready for the new academic year. The College Development Fund is utilized for maintenance and minor repair of furniture and other electrical equipments.

Sports Complex

The College has an indoor stadium, basket ball court and a fitness centre. The fitness centre is open to all stakeholders. The college appoints coaches for events like archery, cricket and football. The use of sports facilities and training regularly takes place in the sports complex under the supervision of Physical Education Director with the help of coaches.