Vision, Mission & Motto


“Light & Love”


It is our vision to uplift the weak & downtrodden sections of society, especially that of the rural woman, to liberate her from the shackles of bondage to a new world of ‘light’ & ‘love’.


We dedicate ourselves to the cause of empowering rural women with knowledge and inculcating in them the spirit of selfless love and compassion, spreading peace in the society, living in harmony with nature and illumine the world to eternity.


  • To promote the total development of the young woman in her uniqueness
  • To liberate her from economic dependency by inculcating in her a proper work culture
  • To instil in her a desire to attain excellence
  • To help her think in a clear, fearless and independent manner
  • To equip her to see and apply knowledge so as to find solutions to human problems
  • To make her conscious of her social obligations
  • To mould her to be an agent of peace, harmony and universal brotherhood
  • To sensitize her on the social, ethical and cultural values
  • To help radiate true ‘Light’ through ‘Love’